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Independent Fishing


Name: Andrea

Event: TOM: Melbourne Makeathon 2017



Andrea describes herself as a fighter and a joker. Andrea loves to have fun playing practical jokes on people but also takes the time to help others through mentoring. Andrea is fiercely independent and lives life to the fullest. Andrea's favourite past times are going outdoors and heading to the G to see her beloved Brisbane Lions play. This is Andrea's first year as a need-knower with TOM and she became involved through scope Australia. Andrea loves to go fishing with her Dad and is an early adopter of technology. 

Currently, Andrea uses an electric wheelchair controlled by a head point. When fishing with her Dad, he puts the rod on her tray and helps her to reel in the fish once caught. Andrea would like to be able to fish more independently and thus go fishing more often.


This device is mounted to Andrea's chair; it detects when fish are biting and amplifies the vibrations to provide tactile feedback. Andrea will then be able to reel in fish by pressing a button with her head stylus, a similar system to what she is already using to communicate. It is self-contained and designed to be packed up easily and travel conveniently. It is splash proofed for safety.

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