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pool aid

Name: Jack

Event: TOM @ University




Head Rest


Jack is a young man of 19 with multiple disabilities including Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Intellectual Disability as well as having his right hip removed aged 14 due to sepsis. One of Jack's goals is to reduce his risk of further contractures and maintain current range of motion and function in his upper and lower limbs. It is important for Jack to maintain a regular exercise routine.  Jack works closely with an OT and exercise physiotherapist to help achieve this goal. The challenge for Jack and his therapists is that Jack struggles to hold himself upright when in the pool, and requires the exercise physiotherapist to physically support his body. This compromises the exercises Jack can do in the pool and as such his pool exercise sessions suffer. Jack and his physiotherapist would like a solution that helps Jack support his body in the water independently while allowing the exercise physiotherapist to perform the exercises with Jack. 


Jack's teams have created a modular and flexible system to enable Jack to participate in hydrotherapy without the assistance of multiple therapists. Team 'Lasercutterz' focused on creating a pillow with in built neck support and an anchor system that ensures that Jack remains secure in a supine (horizontal) position in the pool. Team 'Double Destiny Design' developed a customised and modular wetsuit (AKA the Jacksuit) which contains several pockets for foam, helping to define Jack's buoyancy in the water, as well as large zips that make putting on the Jacksuit simple and easy! Together both teams' solution integrate to form a unified system for Jack!

Safety Information

All digital product files on this page are provided as conceptual designs and were developed by volunteers through a TOM Melbourne event or program.  The design file is provided in the interest of sharing ideas and promoting collaboration. The design as described in the document(s) has not been tested or assessed for safety. Please do not attempt to use any device built using these instructions without first seeking appropriate professional advice on the safety and suitability of the device for your personal situation. 
TOM: Melbourne are unable to advise on the suitability of any design or device for your personal situation, however if you have general questions relating to the instructions or documentation, please contact us via our  email:

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