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Independent toothbrush


Metro Makeathon




Joanne would like to create a system that allows her to brush her teeth independently and maintain good oral hygiene. Joanne experiences limited hand mobility and constant wrist flexion, making it difficult to hold a toothbrush and get toothpaste from a tube.


Team Joanne designed two components that make the process of brushing her teeth more accessible. They designed an ergonomic handle that Joanne can easily grip, which attaches to any replacement toothbrush head. They also adapted a commercially available toothpaste dispenser that, along with the toothbrush, can be stuck up on a wall or mirror.

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Safety Information

To download a digital product file containing open source instructions on how to build the design solution, read and agree to the terms and conditions below.

All digital product files on this page are provided as conceptual designs and were developed by volunteers through a TOM: Melbourne event or program.
The design file is provided in the interest of sharing ideas and promoting collaboration. The design as described in the document(s) has not been tested or assessed for safety. Please do not attempt to use any device built using these instructions without first seeking appropriate professional advice on the safety and suitability of the device for your personal situation. 
TOM: Melbourne are unable to advise on the suitability of any design or device for your personal situation, however if you have general questions relating to the instructions or documentation, please contact us via our  email:


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