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Magnetic Bracelet


Metro Makeathon




Anat would like to develop a solution to increase function in her hand, so that she can write and use utensils with more ease and stability. Anat’s right hand sometimes shakes and she finds it difficult to do everyday tasks quickly and independently.


The team created a magnetic bracelet with a metal sheet which can be slotted into a notebook. The magnetic force between the bracelet and metal sheet will provide stability as the user's arm slides around, thus improving handwriting legibility. The team used a silicone material for the bracelet and provided the magnetic force with rare earth magnets. To maximise the effectiveness of the prototype, contact should be maintained between the bracelet and writing surface.

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Safety Information

To download a digital product file containing open source instructions on how to build the design solution, read and agree to the terms and conditions below.

All digital product files on this page are provided as conceptual designs and were developed by volunteers through a TOM: Melbourne event or program.
The design file is provided in the interest of sharing ideas and promoting collaboration. The design as described in the document(s) has not been tested or assessed for safety. Please do not attempt to use any device built using these instructions without first seeking appropriate professional advice on the safety and suitability of the device for your personal situation. 
TOM: Melbourne are unable to advise on the suitability of any design or device for your personal situation, however if you have general questions relating to the instructions or documentation, please contact us via our  email:


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